I do enjoy a good snowstorm. I needed to be forced indoors to attend some long-neglected tasks.
5:02 pm, January 11, 2017
The up-Island regional school committee voted last week to certify a $11.5 million budget.
2:26 pm, January 11, 2017
Selectmen gave approval to a preliminary $29.4 million budget, and heard from their town administrator about the need to keep costs in check this year.
2:08 pm, January 11, 2017
A new program to regularly test the water at the regional high school will go into effect after recent testing turned up a few problem spots.
12:18 pm, January 11, 2017
On Wednesday night, a few hours after sunset, the gibbous moon rises in the eastern sky.
9:32 am, January 11, 2017
Selectmen in Oak Bluffs and Chilmark last night threw their full support behind a plan to add a second two-week shotgun season for deer in January next year.
11:24 pm, January 10, 2017
Frances V. Resendes, a true “Island Girl,” died Jan. 3 at her Herring Creek Road home. She was 97.
4:46 pm, January 10, 2017
The first five years of my marriage I would ask my new husband things like, “What’s the hardest part of your life right now?” or “Do you remember your first broken heart?”
4:11 pm, January 10, 2017
For David Stanwood, a piano has never been just a carefully crafted assembly of wood and wire. He speaks of the instrument in spiritual terms.
2:53 pm, January 10, 2017