The Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard concluded its 2015 season at the Tisbury Council on Aging the morning of Sept. 12, and it was quite a show.
Editor’s note: Paul Laliberte is writing this week’s bridge column.
A crossruff is a means of scoring trump in both hands. It works when you have — or create — a void on each side of the board. ♦
Q. 1 — Sitting South, with North dealing and no one vulnerable, you hold:
Eleven marksmen competed in the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club’s second annual Rim Fire Rifle Championship Competition last weekend. Using .22...
Readers have asked about the new-minor forcing (NMF) bid. It’s a potentially complicated subject, but there are relatively simple answers.
The next time your partner pre-empts and you hold a strong hand, consider playing the contract in partner’s suit. Otherwise, you may be on your own...
Recently I wrote a column about how players can upgrade the value of their hands.
Blackwood may be the most popular convention in bridge. In search of a possible slam, players bid 4NT.