Q. 1 —Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:
What’s wrong with this auction from an OK Bridge board? South was dealing with no one vulnerable:
The Martha’s Vineyard Coast Guard Auxiliary will host a safe boating class this month tailored to boaters navigating Vineyard waters.
Bridge opens worlds. Literally.
When should you raise partner’s opening bid of 1♥️ or 1♠️ immediately to game? And when should you take a longer route?
Here’s a quiz about what I call specialty bids, drawn from Internet play.
Driving home last week’s issue of bidding carefully to a minor-suit contract, I give you this OK Bridge hand.
Let’s face it: the least desirable game contract is five of a minor.
Consider the following hand, with South dealing and both sides vulnerable:
“Do we hafta learn yet another obscure bidding convention?” people ask. No, but knowledge is power, and some of these bidding tools can help you.
The historic platform carousel in Oak Bluffs whirls again beginning this weekend, and daily once Island schools are out.
The Martha’s Vineyard Coast Guard Auxiliary reminds boaters that vessel safety examinations are available at no cost for recreational boat owners.