Last week I offered some ground rules for takeout doubles in the direct seat. They can be described as SOS.
I was honored to give a talk during the Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard tournament that concluded Sunday at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High...
Standards for game bids have loosened. Back in the day, players thought they needed 26 high-card points in a partnership.
Admit it: you love playing 3NT contracts. You only need to make nine tricks, and your opponents can’t ruff any of them.
Archery season begins Oct. 17 and runs through Nov. 26, followed by shotgun season from Nov. 28 to Dec. 10.
Bid a big hand to its limit, even if partner is passing.
You’ve probably heard of signals in bridge.
Q. 1 — Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:
Thanks to a loan from Ann Brown, I’ve been reading Mike Lawrence’s Tips on Card Play (Master Point Press).
The “unusual 2NT” overcall of an opponent’s opening one-bid shows 5-5 or longer holdings in the two lowest unbid suits.
Many doubles populate the bridge landscape: penalty doubles, takeout doubles, negative doubles.
When you’re dealt a huge, two-suited hand, do you bid an artificial and forcing 2♣?