Eleven marksmen competed in the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club’s second annual Rim Fire Rifle Championship Competition last weekend. Using .22...
Readers have asked about the new-minor forcing (NMF) bid. It’s a potentially complicated subject, but there are relatively simple answers.
The next time your partner pre-empts and you hold a strong hand, consider playing the contract in partner’s suit. Otherwise, you may be on your own.
Recently I wrote a column about how players can upgrade the value of their hands.
Blackwood may be the most popular convention in bridge. In search of a possible slam, players bid 4NT.
Bridge is so intricate that it’s good to know there are formulas you can fall back on.
Bridge on Independence Day? Can’t think of anything more patriotic.
Writing this column allows me to meet and occasionally partner with excellent bridge players.
Bidding decisions galore highlighted play at the Edgartown Bridge Club on June 15.
Sometimes you have to look a gift horse in the mouth. That was the lesson of a hand Paul Laliberte and I played in an OKBridge tournament last week.
Chilmark’s Miles Jaffe spends his winters playing bridge, among other things, in New Zealand and France, but a lesson he learned at the Hartford,...
What good came out of this accursèd winter? Only indoor activities.