Because of the pandemic, there’s currently little club play that I know of, at least not in person. What fills the gap, fortunately, is a rich vein of social play and Internet competition on sites like OK Bridge and Bridge Base Online. That’s not all. Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge has  a daily offering that’s a great read. And for those of us who like Frank Stewart’s column, just google it if it’s not carried in your local newspaper.

Last week I started online lessons from an excellent teacher, Larry Cohen. My first such offering was a useful primer on when to overcall, double or pass when your right-hand opponent has opened the bidding with 1♦️.

What’s your decision with this hand:

♠ Q 3
♥️ K 8 5 2
♦️ K Q 4
♣️ A 6 4 2

Let’s jettison the idea that you can double with any sort of opening values. If you doubled with this hand and partner responded 1♠, you’d be up the creek. You need at least three cards in each major suit with this hand. And don’t even think of doubling, then taking another bid. You’ve already bid your values. Pass.

♠ A J
♥️ A 5 3 2
♦️ K Q 10
♣️ A K 10 2

With 18+ high-card points, you qualify for a double and a rebid. Cohen would bid 1NT with18-20 HCP. With 21 HCP I’d bid 2NT.

♠ 7 4
♥️ A J 9 8
♦️  K Q 4
♣️ A Q 5 2

Bid 1NT. You can open the bidding 1NT with this hand, why not use it as an overcall? One asterisk attached: since a LHO with 9+ HCP could double for penalty, you need a slightly stronger 1NT than usual. Cohen says to bid it with 15+-18 HCP.

♠ 8 3
♥️ A K J 9
♦️ 6 5 3
♣️ A Q 4 2

Cohen would violate the usual standard requiring 5+ cards in a suit to overcall. In this case, hearts are so strong that he’d overcall 1♥️! Look at it this way: with three useful honors, this heart suit equals virtually any five-card holding.

♠ A J 10 8 3
♥️ A Q 3 2
♦️  3
♣️ 5 4 2

According to American Contract Bridge League rules, you can open 1NT with a singleton as long as it’s an ace, king or queen. Regardless of rules, don’t even think of doubling here. Bid 1♠ in case partner has three spades. You’d hate to miss a 5-3 fit. If partner bids something else, say 1NT, bid 2♥️. You’ve described your hand to  a tee.