The hazy, hot and humid has hit. We were happy when we had a great breeze and good sleeping weather. But we do expect the three H’s and there are people who do enjoy it. 

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Tyler Batchelder and Beda Pearl who celebrated July 18; Talia Young, July 19; Judah Levy, July, 20; and to Georgia DeRoche who celebrates her day July 24.

Matt and Karen (Rogers) Coyne and their two boys, Maverick and Kolton, were here for a week visiting family and friends. They went to the beach, roamed the Island and even celebrated Maverick’s birthday on July 10. Of course, he celebrated with a cake from Cupcake Gramma, Sandy Alestra. They also caught up with Karen’s dad, Dennis Rogers. 

Ted, Ed Mayhew celebrated his day on July 20. Ed, as many of you know, was president of Dukes County Savings Bank. He started out at the bank when John Osborne was the president and worked his way up. I remember my dad going into the bank and getting a loan and all he did was tell Ed how much he needed and what he needed it for and Ed would get up and go to the checkbook and write out the check. No paperwork, no waiting for approval from the board and no promising your firstborn to get the loan. I know times have changed but it is fun remembering that people were reliable.  

Ted has been retired a few years and I get to see him and his wife, Judy, once a year at the fair. We were all a family and Ed was the patriarch. We all looked up to him and he was always there when you needed him. Happy birthday Ted, Ed and here is to many more.

I have noticed on Facebook that there are people watching for state license plates. That was one of our favorite things to do to see how many we could get by the end of August. Sometimes there is that one plate you can’t find and it would be the end of your deadline and you look at every car in the parking lots, Main street, or the beaches. Before you know it you have seen a lot of the Island, had fun and even maybe found that one plate.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.