I was very sad to read that John Moffet had died. His obituary, written by his family, was very interesting, but I would like to mention another big part of John’s life. In the mid-1970s and 1980s, he was a player and first baseman for The Question Marks (??? as we had on our jerseys) of the Vineyard fast-pitch softball league. The league was run admirably by Tony daRosa of the Nine Wonders. It was a great league with a lot of good teams. There was always a big fan turnout for the games.

John was a great person and teammate, and had a strong impact in the clubhouse and on the field. I have a lot of wonderful memories of the team, and of John. We won two championships with John, and two before him. I’d lost contact with him over the years, but whenever I saw him, we’d just smile, remember the good times, and commiserate about how things were.

I’ll miss you, old buddy, as well as all your old teammates. I’ll try to remember all of us who played with you: John Finnegan, Alan Gibb, Boo Bassett, Richard and Steve O’Neil, Danny Luce, Stuart Walpole, Gary and Davey Leighton, Micky Furtado, Roy Scheffer, Larry Sylvia, Bob Miller, Chris and Billy (Huck) Look, and Mike Earle. Some only played for a couple of years, but most were full-timers, and they all played with John.

We all have a lot of great memories, John, and you’ll never be forgotten. From the captain of the Question Marks (and catcher).

Neale Bassett