My turkeys have returned although they visit a bit more inconsistently while on their summer pursuits. Broken Wing and Hopsy are back making sure the cafeteria does not close. I am so grateful the speeders along Franklin street have not yet hit any more. Thank you to all those drivers who do slow down or stop to let them cross.

Meanwhile, the ram is still on the lam. The beautiful black ram who got away from his owners has been sighted in many places. He’s been sighted often in the Pond View Drive area and along Barnes road in Oak Bluffs. His owners are very concerned. Ramon did try to lasso him but failed. I hope the poor dear is able to get enough fresh water and food while he is on the run. Keep us posted.

Great news from Deb Cini. She has finally been released from the hospital and is home. For months her family and friends maintained a daily prayer and information account about her long struggle with Covid-19. This is no joke, no hoax. Wear your mask.

Very worried to hear that tiny Cuttyhunk, with a summer population of 250 people, has an outbreak. And a few more cases have been added to our Island’s positive list. Stay safe.

In the most different but creative high school graduation to date, our seniors at MVRHS graduated beautifully at the Ag Hall this weekend. It was televised, applauded, filmed and photographed. Bless you all and your families for the patience and resilience you demonstrated. What a challenge you were dealt and surmounted!

I have not yet ventured out for dining al fresco but have read some very good reviews. I find it just too hot to be out and about. But, if you participate, please have your masks, your patience and your social distancing skills at the ready. Many report the mask issue being ignored, unfollowed and rudely dealt with to all who are reprimanded. Fines are in your future.

Marilyn Van Tine and her daughter, Karen Gerlach, were able to cross the big water to lunch at the Flying Bridge in Falmouth and meet family and friends to celebrate Karen’s birthday. They had great weather and smooth sailing. You are catching up, Karen! Enjoy your new year.

Molly Conole’s husband, Bob Dutton, has suffered a medical emergency and was airlifted off-Island two weeks ago. He has had emergency surgery and is working on recovery. Molly has suddenly relocated to Boston. She provides us with a loving and cheerful progress report each day. Bob was able to have his two children visit. Let us pull together as we do to help our own.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Gisele Nascimento on August 1; Tom Colligan and this reporter follow on August 3; Barack Obama claims August 4; and, on August 5, Elaine Cohen Klein takes the cake. Many happy returns.