The Newport Beach, Calif. private equity firm that owns the Hob Knob Inn is trying to double the inn’s size by buying the property on their opposing corner across Tilton Way, on Main street. As Islanders are aware, Upper Main street has been the entrance way to our quaint village and thus has the historic designation. The company has applied to expand and rearrange the buildings on this additional lot to double the inn’s capacity. This would double the service demands by this business in our residentially-zoned neighborhood.

Although there a few businesses have shown support for this development, many longtime residents are against such overreaching changes proposed to our town. Actually, I think the longer term effects of diminishing the historic character of our town now will cause lower home value and less demand for the overall small business community in the future.

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission is reviewing the Hob Knob’s application (details can be found at Some of the specific concerns the commission is considering are traffic problems on Main street and Tilton Way, insufficient parking at the inn, industrial noises in a residential neighborhood, additional demands on the town’s sewage capacity and no renewable energy consideration.

However, my concerns are how this development is not in keeping with the character of Edgartown, pedestrian safety on this small way that already is overused with speeders because its a cut-through and the loud services used to run a hotel business such as deliveries and daily dumpster removal in a neighborhood zoned as residential.

To the commission: please vote against this project and protect and maintain this valuable area. Increased commercial use in this area will diminish the historical value of all the other properties within the historic district. Good stewardship necessitates a no vote across the line.

Grant Greely