My turkeys have been visiting in full force since my birthday. Perhaps they are scared because the Old Lady is getting older? Meanwhile, another creature we are having a preponderance of on Island is the wood roach. While I have only seen a few chez moi, many neighbors and friends report invasions. Can locusts be far behind? One natural event I would like to see more of is rain.

Karen Mercier reports that, as a judge at the 160th Agricultural Fair, virtual this year, she is disappointed. Of course, it doesn’t have the same allure as a fair with actual people, but she also laments fewer entries.

The Chicken Alley Art Show, started by the indefatigable Olga Hirschhorn in 20002, will be virtual this year. Bidding began at 9 a.m. on August 12 and runs till 9 p.m. on August 31. New items will regularly be added and displayed. This annual fundraiser for our Martha’s Vineyard Community Services is so much fun and the backbone of our budget for the year. Go to to view the offerings. I have done some excellent gift shopping this way.

The Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard annual fundraiser, an organization that has touched nearly every family on Island, is in memory of Karen Child. No greater Islander, educator and friend ever lived in this community.

The virtual 5k race/walk for Camp Jabberwocky runs from August 13 through August 17. Tickets are available at

By now you have heard the sad news about the death of our Charlie Morgan in Florida last weekend. Nicole Cabot has started a GoFundMe page for his surviving wife, Jackie, and daughter, Mary. Please help if you can.

I am expecting the arrival of my dear friends, Bill and Jan Stokes, at their Vineyard Haven home by Thursday. Jan’s garden is looking beautiful thanks to the care son, Wes, has been giving it. What a lovely welcome.

My condolences to my friend, Barbara O’Connor, whose beloved dog Winston crossed the rainbow bridge last weekend.

A big thank you to Oak Bluffs resident, Nathalie Woodruff, who passed on some of her beloved dogs’ treats and possessions to my two boys. Nathalie lost her dogs last year.

August 9 was Brazilian Father’s Day. All you dads deserve much attention but I am singling out Joalser Nascimento. You might know him as Joey down at the Steamship.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Chris and Lilly Clark who celebrated on August 5. Brian and Pauline Norquist observed 39 years of wedded bliss on August 8.

The birthday bandwagon pulled Annette Sandrock and Jen Dunham along on August 10. And a belated birthday to Lindsey Gonsalves’ daughter, Mya, who turned 15 on August 9. All these ladies take the cake. Many happy returns.