A state police bomb squad made a trip to the Vineyard Monday to recover and dispose of ordnance that washed up in Edgartown over the weekend, Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee confirmed Tuesday.

The ordnance was disposed of at the old Edgartown landfill, according to Chief McNamee, who said that the process was louder than he anticipated. Chief McNamee added that the window in his office was open at the time of the detonation and that he was surprised by the volume of the blast.

Although an extensive ordnance removal project was recently completed around Cape Pogue, old bombs from the World War II era continue to occasionally wash up along the Island’s south shore, prompting the careful — but occasionally noisy — disposal that occurred on Monday.

Chief McNamee said that since he has been chief, the state police bomb squad or the Navy’s explosive ordnance disposal team has come to the Island “just about every summer” to safely dispose of ordnance that was likely used for target practice on Nomans Land prior to World War II.

The ordnance that was detonated on Monday was recovered over the weekend on South Beach in Edgartown, as well as on Wasque Beach on Chappaquiddick Friday.

— Aaron Wilson