I am writing both as an individual and property owner on the Lagoon bluff in Oak Bluffs, and as the president of the Gayloon Association Inc., a community of families who are either year-round or seasonal residents of Oak Bluffs in the Lagoon Heights area. Gayloon families are united by the love of this extremely beautiful and at the same time so fragile environment. On behalf our 55 member families, I want to express to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission our strongest opposition to the possible approval of the marina expansion.

Every summer, I spend countless hours cleaning the beach by the Oak Bluffs bluff, collecting and removing boat debris, human waste and trash, flotsam that cannot come from anything else but boats and irresponsible tourists.

Especially after every storm, the quantity of such refuse increases dramatically. Additionally at such times, the Lagoon Heights beach is hit by broken pieces of boats and dinghies, the removal of which requires hired help and dumping charges. All this will increase manifold in case of bringing almost 50 additional boats into the Lagoon.

Environmental concerns are also a significant issue. Every year, the Lagoon communities on both sides of the pond put in huge efforts to maintain our Lagoon’s sustainability and health. We are barely catching up with this monumental challenge which is seriously worsened by the global warming

resulting in adverse climate change. Adding the inevitable chemical and organic waste and runoff — no matter how convincing are the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard’s promises to limit pollution — will overwhelm the Lagoon’s fragile ecosystem.

I urge commission members to stop the proposed shipyard marina expansion. I implore you to do so as a private citizen and Lagoon Heights property owner, as a career scientist, and on behalf of 55 families.

Janna Kaplan

Oak Bluffs and Newton