It is difficult not to be depressed at the recent great loss of life in our community. I’ve been living here for 48 years and never have I felt such consistent sadness, the latest is Bob Dutton, such a charming, clever, funny, talented man. I will miss him dearly at the Film Center.

Last week was Dennis daRosa, such a fine person and community leader who gave me good advice and encouragement when my cancer returned and I had to go for radiation three years ago.

Tom Sullivan was also a fine person, smart and always nice to see around.

Richard Knight was a friend of mine from over 40 years ago when his wife Daryl and I were in a dance group together, and she apprenticed with me in leaded glass work for that winter of 1977. I remember being afraid to go up a tall ladder to hang my Peacock Window at the Art Worker’s Guild and Dick went up for me.

I was never that close to any of these people, just part of a circle of friends over many years.

What a fabulous place to be alive, but when so many are passing on prematurely and so many others sick, my heart is broken for all these losses for their family and close friends. And there are so many others as well, Nicky Azzollini, Karen Child.

To all their loved ones I tried to draw my feelings for them at Aquinnah. Here are two feeble attempts.

Barney Zeitz lives in Vineyard Haven.