Gretchen Baer, one of Jackie and Gene Baer’s talented children, is visiting Mom. Gretchen has been living in Bisbee, Ariz., where she runs an art school for children just over the border. Covid has put a crimp in the students’ usual day plan but Gretchen is providing them with lots of art supplies. They do their projects, photograph themselves holding their latest, and send the photos to Gretchen. All works are for sale at the bargain price of $35 per work of art. If you are interested let us know.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Baer has recovered from a fall and from Covid. She is busy as ever decorating her famous mannequins with beads. There is no stopping this artist.

My friends, Marilyn Van Tine and her daughter, Karen Gerlach, held a very successful yard sale last Saturday and Sunday. They kindly donated the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity on-Island. Keep that in mind when you are planning your yard sale.

Young Shane came to visit yesterday and helped me with a computer problem. I was able to give this newly minted 14-year-old his birthday card and catch up on news with him. I miss not having school-age children. I miss the sound of the school bus coming by in the morning. According to Shane, the opening of school has been pushed back until November. It is a rough time to be a kid.

Richard Paradise announces the 15th annual Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival has begun. Films are virtual and in person. For the lineup check

Mikey Waters attended a meaningful and poignant ceremony earlier this week at Arlington National Cemetery. His Dad was buried with honors.

Debbie Klein will visit her parents, Bob and Elaine next Tuesday for one month. Debbie married in England last summer. Unfortunately, because of Covid, her husband, an English citizen, cannot come with her. It is a real shame that our response to this pandemic was so pitiful.

Mary Korba of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services wants you to know that Massachusetts Opiod Awareness Day is Sept. 22. The MV Substance Use Disorder Coalition will hold a free virtual Town Hall on that day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. They want you to know substance abuse is treatable and help is available. Contact or 800.327.5950.

Get well wishes go out to Charlie Ginter, Rhonda Griffen, Kristen Kazlauskas and Sophie Van Tine.

Anniversary bouquets are sent to Eric and Kathy Poehler who celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss on Sept. 8.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along James Haney, Carrie Stokes Lau, Elizabeth Budahl, and Andria Spooner Campbell’s son, Danny, on Sept. 7. And on Sept. 11 Mary Alice Jannace takes the cake. Many happy returns.