Tough times for everyone. Tough times for student athletes. Our MVRHS student athletes held a rally Sunday at the school at 11 a.m. They are advocating for the re-opening of student fall sports. I want everyone to be safe but I understand their frustration. What to do?

Katharine Poole, our multi-talented theatre artist, is visiting her family on-Island now. Katharine is based in Nashville. I long to visit her there someday.

Kristen Kazlauskas, born in Connecticut, raised in Vineyard Haven and currently living and working in East Falmouth, celebrated her 40th birthday last weekend with many friends. There was a barbeque, great food, fun, cake and a glowing fire pit. My best to her in her new year.

Cheyenne Cormier, also raised in Vineyard Haven, is visiting with Amber Willoughby and their many friends. Cheyenne currently resides with her sister and dad in Maine. Welcome home, pretty girl. Cheyenne and I spent a memorable week in New York many years ago. My mother and our neighbors were enchanted with her.

I try to keep up with the ever-expanding Seward family. Newest news is son Jesse married Cate. May they live happily ever after.

Sad news on the passing of so many great ones. Our beloved builder and friend, John Early, died last week. He made the Island a better place to be.

Louisa Gould’s Mom, Louise Frances Gould, died at home on Martha’s Vineyard early this week. She was a bright light in so many lives. Church services are at St. Augustine Friday, Sept. 18 at 10 a.m.

One of the most influential grownups of my younger years was Tom Gerber. He was a computer expert, an intellectual, writer, father to seven wonderful kids. I hear he also ran for governor of South Dakota at one time. Tom died on Sept. 12. May he rest in peace.

May I be sentenced to a stalled car at Five Corners when rushing to catch the boat for neglecting to mention Chris Hulbert’s birthday on Sept. 7. Wishing him a great new year.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Altin Rizi, Heather Goff and Jim O’Neill on Sept. 10th; Jack Ryan and Kristen Kazlauskas claimed Sept. 11; Jacqueline Beauvais, Connie Berry and Roberto Salaverria were honored on Sept. 12; Sept. 13 belonged to Jim Powell, Bill Brady, Naromar DePaula, Sr., Schuyler Wuerth, JB Blau and Fred Mascolo; Sept. 14 was shared by Geraldine Brooks and Shelyn Garcia; Sept. 15 was for Nancy Nevin; and on Sept. 16 Ewell Hopkins, Carolyn Snow-Redington, Tim Dalton and Joao Francisco Josimar take the cake. Many happy returns.