To all the people on Martha’s Vineyard that made sacrifices to help keep the rates of Covid infection low, we salute you.

This has been a very challenging time for all of us, you have done an amazing job following the state and local guidelines that have left us in the excellent position we are in now. Our infection rates are some of the lowest in the state thanks to you.

But the work isn’t done. As we have seen this past week on Nantucket a relaxation of vigilance, especially by those in the trades, has caused the infection rate to spike.

Nantucket, which once had the lowest rates in the state, now has community spread, which on a small Island like ours can lead to catastrophic results.

We do not want to go back to earlier lockdowns including the construction ban. We want to stay open for business and keep everyone working.

We urge you all maintain your high standards, follow the guidelines, stay safe, wash your hands and wear your mask.

We will get through this.

The above letter was signed by boards of selectmen and boards of health in the six Island towns, Island Health Care and the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. • True Community Hospital