For the first time ever in American history, a woman shall lie in state at the National Statuary Hall of our Capitol. The day is Friday. The woman is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I thank her for all she did for us.

After years with lots of loving, my dear friend, Wendy Fitting, had to say goodbye to her two companions last week. Bix, her faithful feline, was named for American jazz composer, cornetist and pianist Bix Beiderbecke. And her dog, Gracie, also left us last week. Seems so much to bear.

And after years with lots of loving, my companion, Silvio Joseph Gardella, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, Sept. 22. Silvio was born to a litter of 11 on October 24, 2004. Bill and Deb Little were his foster parents. I was fortunate to get Silvio and his sister, Lil’Bit, and move them together four houses away to my house when their Mom Angelique had enough of them. They saw me through fun and visitors, cancer surgeries, the death of my mother. They went on more trips to New York than many Island kids do. Lil’Bit predeceased Sil by a year and a half. I thank my many friends who helped me with Silvio and saw him through to his last breath. Bobbie Jo Sears was his other mother. Old friends Cheyenne Cormier and Amber Willoughby stopped by to spend time with him this weekend. I can’t thank young Shane Vanderhoop True enough for his many walks of my dogs. Every memory of Silvio is heartwarming.

Speaking of Shane, he has started his freshman year of MVRHS with online learning. Now I must remember to not call my young friends at their homes during remote learning hours. I still miss the school bus and my opportunity to wait for it and ask them computer questions as they disembark.

Jack O’Callaghan sends beautiful photos from his new home in Arizona. He marvels at the difference in weather between these two states.

Holly Nadler sends photos from New York city where she is visiting now. Rest assured, if Holly and Abby Hirsch and Eileen Maley and Wanda Walker and I had known each other when we all lived there that town would still be talking about us.

Now that the chill is in the air I caution you to keep an eye on your use of space heaters. This has always troubled me as I have personal knowledge of some fires caused by improper use.

Get well wishes go out to Betty Burton and Charlie Ginter.

Belated birthday bouquets go to Marganna Roberts for Sept. 16; Sam Majeski turned 13 on Sept. 18; Henry Ginter, Bruce Remy, Susan Block, and Tim Anthony party on Sept. 19; Sept. 20 was claimed by Paul Hoffman; Sept. 23 honored Grace Hotchkiss Scarano and Mike Donaroma; and on Sept. 25 Penha Prata, Pedro Carvalho and Daniel Gardella take the cake. Many happy returns.