An Oak Bluffs man had his Trump flag vandalized at his New York avenue home sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, according to Oak Bluffs police.

In a report, Oak Bluffs police Sgt. Michael Marchand said David Morris had a large Trump flag displayed prominently from the second floor of his home on New York avenue. Mr. Morris said he believed “someone threw an object through his flag causing it to shred while he was asleep,” according to the report.

Mr. Morris also reported a small BB-sized hole in a second-floor bedroom window facing the street, the police report said. Sergeant Marchand said the hole in the window likely was a separate incident from the flag vandalism.

“It looks like he was probably targeted twice,” Sergeant Marchand said.

The vandalism case has been turned over to Oak Bluffs Det. Jeffrey LaBell for investigation, the police report said.