Trump Flag Vandalized
A New York avenue resident had his Trump flag vandalized, according to Oak Bluffs police.
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Island Inn Provides Emergency Housing During Pandemic
Aaron Wilson

The Island Inn in Oak Bluffs opened this week to provide emergency residence for Islanders who are at high risk of exposure during the pandemic and may need to be isolated from family or other household members.

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Oak Bluffs Seeks Consensus in Revamping Town Alcohol Rules
Louisa Hufstader
Oak Bluffs police officers, business owners and neighborhood residents filled many of the seats at an alcohol licensing workshop Tuesday evening, held by selectmen during their regular meeting.
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Missing Person Is Found

Oak Bluffs police said early Wednesday that Catherine Todd, who was reported missing, has been found.

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New Officer Sworn In

Michael Maliff was sworn in as a full-time Oak Bluffs police officer on Sept. 11 during a ceremony at the station.

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New Sign for Oak Bluffs Police
The Oak Bluffs police department has a new sign that was made possible by a generous donation from seasonal resident Charles Santoro, the department announced this week.
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Seal in the Road, Oak Bluffs Police to the Rescue
Landry Harlan

Two Oak Bluffs police officers became marine mammal rescuers Tuesday night when they helped guide a rogue seal back into Nantucket Sound.

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Internal Audit Released for Oak Bluffs Detective
Julie Wells and Steve Myrick

An internal investigation that resulted in the dismissal last week of a longtime Oak Bluffs detective reveals that kilograms of cocaine had been delivered to a tenant in his Falmouth home.

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Selectmen Terminate 23-Year Veteran of Police Department
Steve Myrick

Det. James T. Morse was terminated last Friday for what police called a misuse of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services system.

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Drunk Driving Arrests Keep Island Police Busy
Holly Pretsky

Island police responded to a number of drunk driving incidents over the weekend. In Oak Bluffs there were two separate arrests for operating under the influence.

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