As I watch my native California burn, yet again, I ponder the possibilities of a Vineyard burn.

Where would the residents of Island Elder Housing at Woodside go, and how would they get there? Do we have enough ambulances to transport those in the Island hospital away from the hazard?

And what about one town being cut off from the others, say Aquinnah from Chilmark? How would those residents evacuate? Would Moshup rise up out of the sea to hold the population aloft until boats arrived in the rocky waters?

What if there were several fires due to lightning strikes, do we have enough room on our working ferries to accommodate our current population of

approximately 20,000 people?

You may say the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School could accommodate a large percentage of the population, but if the Manny Correllus state forest were to go up in a blaze the high school is no longer an option.

No, these are not the midnight rambling thoughts we all have, they are pondered in the full light of day, eyes wide open and questioning.

Just some thoughts as I walk along a path in the state forest.

Wendy Arnell Brophy

Vineyard Haven