We’re in the homestretch of the 75th annual derby. Fishermen have lined the jetty in fair and blustery weather. Many familiar names have made their way on to daily, weekly and overall leader boards. We won’t know until the closing bell at 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17 who this year’s final six grand leaders will be. Sunday, Oct. 18, they’ll have an opportunity to turn the key and one will walk away the proud owner of a new Cape Codder center console.

Grey Graham, summer kid and part of the 12-13 year old jetty rat posse, got his name on the board over the weekend weighing in the first junior shore Bonito of the 2020 Derby. If you fish, you know landing a shore bone is an accomplishment so I’m sure you understand when I say he was excited. That’s an understatement.

At the time of my writing, Jonathan Mayhew’s name was in the boat bluefish senior leader spot, and daughter-in-law, Molly Peach Mayhew, was in the boat bluefish women’s weekly leader spot. High fives go out to the fishing Mayhews.

Proud grandfather, Bobby Brown, shared the news that toddler Bennett, son of Aaron and Lindsey, is a big brother. He welcomed little sister Juniper to their newly finished home on Turtle Cove. I didn’t have a pen handy to jot down all the details, but as I get them I’ll do my best to share. Welcome to the world Juniper. It’s already obvious how much you are loved.

Christian Carroll, son of Buffy and grandson to Billie Hancock, celebrated his 16th birthday on Oct. 13.

Sawyer Rothmann, youngest son to Doug and Margot, has made his way back from the Windy City to Boston. He’s still working in the financial field, but now just a little closer to friends and family. He worked for Dad and Mom Texaco — also known as Marshall and me — for an astounding six summers. Bradley had the opportunity to see him in Boston and she reported it was really nice catching up with an old friend.

Bradley’s attending paramedic school at MassBay Community College. It’s a hybrid course so about 50 per cent is on campus and the other half is online. It’s a lot to juggle, but she’s pretty darn organized. I’m very proud of her. Yes, go right ahead and tell her I said that.

People don’t give or hear enough positive commentary so today’s goal is to find something nice to share about someone. It can be simple. Just do it.

Although they packed up their belongings and headed to Florida a number of years ago, Susan and Dickie Vincent are still on our radar. October 21 is the day they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Be sure to shout out a heartfelt congratulations via snail mail, email, text or Facebook.

It’s no big surprise that the traditional door-to-door, trick-or-treating and crowded Chilmark Fire Department costume party is not recommended this year. But, have no fear, there’s a Pandemic Halloween alternative in the works. The details are still being negotiated so stay tuned for more information. I think I might even dress up this year. How about you?