As of Wednesday morning, other states, counties, towns and cities were still counting but not in Aquinnah. We had 355 voters for the first time in the history of this town, with 84 per cent of the voters casting their ballots which were cast from right next door as well as half way around the world. At this time in our history, we have the largest population ever with more than 500 residents on a year-round basis.

It was nice to see so many new faces in town but the most special was to see all of the young Aquinnah residents who have been home with their families since the pandemic began. Nina Butler has been home with her parents Lenny and Mallory and has been working remotely. Nina works for a Boston company that gave their employees the day off for voting. Emerson Mahoney has been working remotely from home for the U.S. Army Engineering Corps. Anastasia Sargent has been teaching third grade art at the charter school. And, Janis Vogel-Kipre has been at home working on a documentary and film editing while in the company of her two-year-old daughter.

Jason Baird was in town on Tuesday. He is proud to report that his daughter Mae Alice is a student at the Sturgis Charter School in Hyannis where she is maintaining a GPA of 3.9.

Congratulations to Gary Foster and Howard Goldstein, recently elected members of the board of directors at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, representing Aquinnah. Bruce Eckman and yours truly termed out on Oct. 29, 2020 after serving three consecutive three-year terms. We will both still be involved with MVCS after our nine years of serving. Bruce will continue with his amazing fundraising abilities, while yours truly continues to serve on four committees and volunteer duties at Chicken Alley Thrift Shop. We served our nine years along with John H. Kennedy, Iris Freeman and Robert Egerton, enjoying many other board members over our nine-year term. It has been a great pleasure and an honor to serve our community with such an awesome and ambitious group.

Charlie Hoye has more of his pottery for sale at Out House Pottery, 1325 State Road where he and his wife Kathy Olsen are displaying his latest creations in mugs and bowls for holiday gift giving.

John and Amy Macey are braving the winter in Aquinnah. They returned this past week after a visit with their son Zac, a sophomore at Proctor Academy.

View the new website for the Friends of Up-Island Council on Aging — — to find out about our many activities on Zoom.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Nelson J. DeBettencourt who passed away this week. He was a true citizen of the Vineyard and a man of great character and values. He quietly went about his work each day and would often make one laugh at his wonderful sense of humor. He will certainly be missed by many across the Island.

The U.S. Marine Corps observes their birthday on Nov. 10, while we observe Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Fiona Brown who will be 10 years old on Nov. 7. Our Aquinnah town clerk Gabriella Camillieri will observe her special day on Nov. 9. Bradford Combra also parties on Nov. 9. Molly Cournoyer celebrates on Nov. 10. Molly Purves will observe her special day on Nov. 11 and Sarah Howes observes her special day on Nov. 12.