Oh what a week it has been. Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris winning the election to serve our nation for the next four years has been the best news in the past four years. There were many late nights watching the news and the predictions from the pundits and newscasters. For many of us there was a grand sigh of relief and the dawning of a new day in Washington, D.C. Rejoice.

Could it be that so many people were jumping for joy in southeastern Massachusetts that we affected the fault line causing the earthquake on Sunday morning. It sounded as if a tanker truck was driving up the road or perhaps another training operation over at the Cape Cod Airbase might be happening. We instantly learned it was an actual earthquake not far from the Vineyard. Fortunately, it only measured about 3.6 on the Richter scale so there was negligible damage, if any. For many of us in Aquinnah it was reminiscent of the days when the U.S. Navy practice bombed Noman’s Land for half a century and has left innumerable unexploded ordnance all over that island.

Through all of this jubilation we have had the most beautiful weather for November with temperatures in the 60s and even 70s for the entire week.

Now, back down to reality once again. The Aquinnah special town meeting scheduled for Nov. 14 has been canceled due to the sharp rise in Covid cases across the Vineyard. Please be cautious, wear a mask, socially distance yourself, wash your hands often, and stay home as much as possible. We are presently in a worse state than when this all began eight months ago. People have been too complacent after experiencing a relatively enjoyable summer without any significant outbreaks. It is going to be a long winter, so stack up on those books and puzzles and sit by the fireside to while away the time.

The Aquinnah Public Library will offer touch-less browsing on the back porch during regular library hours. You may view the selections but only touch what you intend to sign out.

On Sunday, the Taylor family at the Outermost Inn held a fundraiser for the benefit of Rev. Raphael Warnock in his bid for a democratic senate seat in the state of Georgia. Earlier in the summer, a virtual fundraiser had been held on the Vineyard for Reverend Warnock who has been a guest minister at the West Tisbury Congregational Church each summer for over a decade. Reverend Warnock and Rev. Cathlin Baker have been friends and colleagues for quite a few years.

Anyway, back to the OMI fundraiser where you could purchase coffee and other delectable treats. The salmon chowder was the hit of the day. I hope they have another one with this beautiful weather we are having. Best of luck to Reverend Warnock.

David Behnke and Paul Doherty are new Aquinnah residents for a brief visit while their new home in West Tisbury is being renovated. It has been a pleasure viewing Paul’s mystifying sunset photographs on Facebook each evening, but the greatest joy is in the photographs of Chester and Cooper, their Gordon setters.

Another new resident in town is Kristina West, daughter of one of my schoolmates, Wayne West. Kristina has moved closer to her duties as one of the Tri-Town ambulance team. Kristina is the administrator for the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society as well.

Michael Geddis and Christine Coleman are now renting in Aquinnah. I have fond memories of Michael when he worked with us at the tribe in the mid 70s.

Across the channel at USCG Station Menemsha, congratulations to BM1 Gary Kovack and his wife Jessica on the birth of their daughter Mila Saint Clair Kovack on Nov. 6 at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Mila is welcomed home by her sister Lucca Dahlia, as well as by her grandparents Chuck and Donna Cummens and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kovack, Sr.

Happy 19th anniversary to Bruce and Tracy Elliott on Nov. 3.

Celebrating birthdays this week are Nanawusuwee Vanderhoop-Powell who turned eight on Nov. 5; Bruce Elliott partied on Nov. 6; John Hanavan, Daryn Foster, Jill Gross and Susan Peters shared the day on Nov. 6; Clare Ives will party on Nov. 15; Ava Woods will be 16 on Nov. 16; Tiffany Vanderhoop parties on Nov. 18, sharing the day with Kathy Olsen; Mark Kokoszka will party on Nov. 19.