A Steamship Authority employee assigned to the ferry Island Home has tested positive for Covid-19, the boat line announced Sunday. 

"The Authority is not disclosing the employee’s name or position within the company to ensure their private health information remains confidential," communications director Sean Driscoll wrote. 

"Due to their typical work duties, the employee was unlikely to have any prolonged exposure with any member of the public during their work hours."

The employee last worked on the vessel on the watch that began with the 1:15 p.m. trip Nov. 11, 2020, and ended the following day with the 12:45 p.m. arrival in Woods Hole, Mr. Driscoll wrote. Before starting work Sunday, the employee reported flu-like symptoms and took a rapid test for Covid-19, with positive results.

The SSA is instructing vessel employees who were in close contact with the affected employee to be tested for Covid-19, according to the announcement. They will not be allowed to return to work until after they receive a negative test result or clearance from a medical professional.

No changes or interruptions in service are expected to result from this diagnosis, Mr. Driscoll wrote, adding that the boat line continues to use use hospital-grade disinfectants on board all vessels nightly to clean both public and employee areas. Terminal employees and vessel crews also clean and disinfect all high-touch areas, including hand railings, table tops, door handles, seats, faucets and toilets.