The gate to racism that was swung wide open more than four years ago by the now-outgoing president unleashed a latent torrent of hate born in Virginia four centuries ago. If a modicum of civility may have distinguished Martha’s Vineyard from many other places, we are not without our challenges here, as witnessed by the daily Black Lives Matter vigils at Beetlebung Corner and the presence of several organizations such as the Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition that seek racial equity.

The Gazette has been an advocate for the causes of fairness and justice for its entire existence. Its continuing voice in the face of racial injustice and intolerance seems demanded both by your own charter as well as by those of us who look to the Gazette to speak consistently to those issues. Education must be the foundation stone of racial equity and the Gazette’s teaching ability is second only to that of our Island schools.

The question, “How long will it take before we can close the gate on racism?” can only be answered by our saying together, “For as long as it


As I reflect on the statement “Only You And I Can End Racism,” the Gazette may be the most powerful “you” on the Island.

Bob Reardon


The writer is a trustee for the Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition.