A tornado warning on Monday morning, another earthquake measuring 2.0 on the Richter scale affecting Dartmouth which is just across Vineyard Sound, a funnel cloud between Aquinnah and Noman’s Land, heavy rain during the morning and winds persisting throughout the day. The sunset was most spectacular at the end of it all and we can be thankful there was not any damage.

During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, only one person in Aquinnah passed away from the flu. Rodney Herbert Smalley succumbed to the disease on Sept. 21, 1918 — while he was residing in the Town of Tisbury where he was a mason apprentice.

Rodney was the third son of Jesse Peters Smalley, Sr. and his wife Jennie Mingo. He was survived by his three brothers Jesse, Jr., Russell, and Norman. Jesse Smalley, Sr. was a farmer and served as a surfman at the USCG Station Gay Head. Jesse, Jr. went on to be a constable in the Town of Gay Head. Sadly, he passed away while docking in Menemsha after a day of scalloping and was assisted by Douglas Fischer until the ambulance arrived. Norman preferred to be a fisherman and fished on several of the boats out of Menemsha as well as Oak Bluffs. They were all born in what was once the Town of Gay Head and I have many fond memories from my youth of Jesse, Jr. and Norman. They will never be forgotten.

Another blessing to be thankful for is that President-elect Joe Biden is filling his cabinet with educated, committed, enthusiastic, brilliant people that he has worked with over the years. How encouraging each day to see who the next will be to join him in his presidency. Bravo!

Joan LeLacheur will have an open studio at her home located at 42 Old South Road in Aquinnah. Her studio will be open on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 27 and 28. Please call ahead of time so that she may prepare for your visit, 508-939-1691. She will have all varieties of shell jewelry including beads, earrings, bracelets made out of quahog, mussel, conch, abalone, and moon snail shells.

Bow Van Riper hosts Hidden Collections is on Tuesday Dec. 1, at 12:30 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. He will take you behind the scenes for an exploration of a new selection of the museum’s archives and the fascinating stories that they hold. To register, email Kfuller@mvmuseum.org.

Get well wishes to fellow Vineyard Gazette columnist, Nancy Gardella, who underwent hip surgery this week at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Due to the covid virus, she is not allowed any visitors. Be well Nancy.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg on Nov. 27; Diamond Vanderhoop will be partying on Nov. 28. Noni Smith will observe a milestone on Nov. 29, sharing the day with Alfred Alley III; Mary Louise Shriber will celebrate on Nov. 30, as will Joseph Canha. Belated second birthday wishes to Lincoln Edward Scot.

Adam Gross will celebrate on Dec. 1, as will Coltrane Leport; Dec. 2 is a day of celebration for Patricia Pease, and for Noah Mayrand; Dec. 3 is shared by Durwood Vanderhoop and Millicent Smalley; Jane Bankoff-Popkin will celebrate on Dec. 4 as will Jacob Vanderhoop.