It seems strange to be writing about ticks in the middle of the Covid-19 surge, but I have a couple of things I would like to pass on as well as a request for help. The first is that the lone star tick larvae seem to be finished for the year. I have not found any since the first few days in November. However, it is now time for the numbers of adult deer ticks to be peaking, although they will be common at least well into December and small numbers will be active on warm days throughout the winter. Yes, it is possible to get Lyme disease any month of the year, including January, February and March, so you can never let your guard down completely.

Second, even though this should be peak time for adult deer ticks, I am finding very few. Other people have told me that they are not seeing many either. It would be very helpful if people would report their observations on the number of deer ticks they are seeing during the rest of November and December.

I would also like to hear from hunters about how many deer ticks they are seeing on their deer. Please email your observations to Dick Johnson at

Thanks, and stay safe and healthy.

Dick Johnson

Oak Bluffs