Some thoughts in year 80, while waiting for an effective coronavirus vaccine.

  • Organized religion is neither superstitious nonsense nor wishful thinking, but is likely somewhere in between.
  • Martha’s Vineyard is one of the best places on earth.
  • Riding a bicycle is still fun, but especially when it’s accompanied by a quiet forest trail, classical music on headphones and a baseball cap.
  • Baseball is much more fun to watch in person than football.
  • Hopefully the Boy Scouts will survive their present difficulties and prosper. They taught me many lifelong values that are still good stuff to live by.
  • Most of the best decisions I’ve made in life were done while I was pushing the lawnmower around the yard.
  • It’s easier for me to remember voices of the departed than their facial features.
  • Before 2020, the most memorable year was 1969. Best memory of that year: On the way home from the hospital, baby daughter Elizabeth squeezed my pinky finger with her very tiny hand.
  • Best fast foods of the past century are White Castle hamburgers.

On to 90. I really miss the discontinued intuitive cosmology and poker society regular meetings.

Frank Honey

Vineyard Haven