Sean P. Gildea purchased 49 Wequobsque Road in Chilmark from Anne Luzzato, Christina Berti, Gordon N. Litwin Est. for $2,400,000 on Nov. 23.

Adam B. Leff purchased 1 Azalea Lane in Chilmark from Azalea Real Estate LLC for $6,000,000 on Nov. 24.


Bret Furio and Dawn Furio purchased 59 School street in Edgartown from Paul B. Polley and Chari B. Polley for $6,245,000 on Nov. 23.

Marie Tran, Celine Copacino and Raymond Jaro purchased 20 Thirteenth street North in Edgartown from Wei-Hung Hue and Alic Hui for $699,000 on Nov. 24.

Kenneth A. Topping and Patricia A. Topping purchased 7 Litchfield Road in Edgartown from William M. Austion and Margaret L. Austin for $2,900,000 on Nov. 24.

Albion A. Alley III TRS and 64 Hvoslef Way Realty Trust purchased 59 Saddle Club Road in Edgartown from Jeffrey Roch for $800,000 on Nov. 24.

Charles C. Hajjar TRS and DB MV Realty Trust purchased 5 North Water street in Edgartown from Corner Block Holdings LLC for $5,720,000 on Nov. 25.

Michael McCauley and Sheilah McCauley purchased 49 Curtis Lane in Edgartown from Jessica C. Burnham and Sherman F. Burnham EST for $777,000 on Nov. 25.

Charles C. Hajjar TRS and BD MV Realty Trust purchased 19 Main street in Edgartown from Corner Block Holdings LLC for $5,720,000 on Nov. 25.

Gregory P. Bettencourt purchased 20 Whalers Walk in Edgartown from Daniel S. Bettencourt, Timothy H. Bettencourt and Susan H. Bettencourt Est. for $855,229 on Nov. 25.

Oak Bluffs

Karen A. Moore purchased 2 Pennacook avenue (Unit 201) in Oak Bluffs from Craig Smith TRS and Phillips Family Irrevocable Trust for $500,000 on Nov. 23.

Kelly M. McCarron purchased 26 Scotty Way in Oak Bluffs from Gregory L. Keating and Cheryl A. Keating for $550,000 on Nov. 24.

Eric Vannoy purchased 7 Blueberry Path in Oak Bluffs from Gary Noble Shriver and Stacie Noble Shriver for $1,775,000 on Nov. 25.

Vineyard Haven

Louis R. Paciello purchased 64 Hvoslef Way in Vineyard Haven from Albion A. Alley III Invid and TRS and 64 Hvoslef Way Realty Trust for $1,650,000 on Nov. 24.

Matthew J. Ternullo and James Ternullo purchased 124 Skiff avenue (Unit G-10 and Unit 12) in Vineyard Haven for $430,000 on Nov. 25.

West Tisbury

Jason Gale purchased 154 Longview Road on West Tisbury from Daniel J. White for $300,000 on Nov. 23.

Susan Stone TRS, Roger Levine TRS and 671 State Road Nominee Trust purchased 671 State Road in West Tisbury from Michael M. Stone, Susan E. Stone, Susan M. Stone for $375,000 on Nov. 23.

Marvin Chase and Julia Blanter purchased 27 Indian Pipe Lane in West Tisbury from Jan Kaplan for $920,000 on Nov. 23.

Alexandra W. Ben David purchased 43 Old County Road in West Tisbury from James H. Paquette for $1,100,000 on Nov. 24.