You noticed I was off for two weeks? I had an interesting staycation. I was in the hospital recovering from hip replacement surgery and then at home recovering. No, I did not mind missing Thanksgiving. I cannot feed my roving band of turkeys and then cook one of them. How could I look Broken Wing and Hopsy and Walter in the face? I did assign someone to feed the Turks and look after my dog, Toby.

I thank Doctor Halsey, the nurses, technicians, OT, PT, Cafeteria and all staff who helped and cheered me up. I expect to be shooting baskets again by March.

Lowely Finnerty has been working on her paintings. Son Noel Macy visited for a long weekend.

Hollis Kelly returned from St. Michael’s College. With the pandemic on the run it is hard to say if our college kids will be able to return to campus after the December holidays.

Well, this is certainly a Bah Humbug year for me. You remember my annual post-Thanksgiving column which sets out a wish list of charitable donations? I’m not going to do it this year. Times are tragic and so many are broke. If you have any money to give you know the services, businesses, food access facilities you want to help. Bless you all.

Our library has new books, contactless video pickup, a Haiku Club in formation an authors talks ­— all on Zoom. Check it out.

After a week of careful sightings, reports and tracking, Zivah Solomon was able to trap and catch her skittish, missing dog, Penny. Thanks to all the neighbors in Chilmark who helped Penny return home.

Speaking of man’s best friend, I was happy to hear my son Chris, daughter in law, Lilly, and kids Corbyn and Dominic have adopted a new pup, Jadzia. She is a Boston terrier mix and three and a half months old. This family is very good with all animals. I can’t wait to meet my new grandpup.

Waking up to a gentle snowfall was delightful. Not so delightful was the car crash at Cumby’s this morning. Thankfully, no injuries. But Cumberland Farms was turned into a drive-thru. Good news was that the driver, my dear friends who work that store, and any customers were safe. The intrepid staff is open and operating with a temporary front door and wall.

I appreciated all the lovely photos you sent me while I was in hospital and now under lockdown at home. To see the Donoroma’s displays, Ocean Park, the Gatchell’s Christmas lights was stunning. Thank you.

I see Mark and Robin O’Donnell celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Nov. 22. Congratulations.

And on Dec. 8 Bill Schwabe and Christine Gamba Cotter took the cake. Many happy returns.