We look for signs in the sky, signs in nature, nuances in our friends’ conversations. We are attempting to interpret these trying times. Usually, the first birds that visit me every morning are my flock of turkeys. But for two mornings in a row now my first visitors have been different. A murder of crows has approached my backyard, taken over my deck, picnic table and chairs. They don’t stay long but they make a racket. Then they zoom up and out. The turkeys come in quietly and wait for breakfast. What could this mean?

Such a different year. So much tragedy. Some news does shine. Daisy scouts troop 70904 lit the decorations on the Edgartown lighthouse last Friday night at 6 p.m. The Island Autism group received a $250,000 grant for the farm and community center it is establishing in West Tisbury. This is a co-purchase with the land bank. Our best to this hardworking and important group.

The Permanent Endowment will now be known as the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation. And Sofia Anthony of our wonderful group, the Neighborhood Convention, sends seasons greetings from their hardworking staff. Sofia reassures us that the lack of monthly meetings because of the pandemic are a pause. Not permanent. We shall met again.

Condolences to Peter Weurth on the passing of his dear sister, Megan.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Christian Patrick Ciancio and Ray Blanchette on Dec. 20.

And on next Friday morning, in your homes, in your hearts, and under your trees, may you all find peace.