In a surprise move, Oak Bluffs selectmen passed over long-serving board member Gail Barmakian for reappointment to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission Tuesday, voting instead to appoint selectman Brian Packish to the yearlong post.

Ms. Barmakian, who is an attorney and the only woman on the five-member board of selectmen, has served as the town appointed member of the commission since 2016.

She had requested reappointment and had written a letter to the board.

But at the selectmen’s meeting Tuesday, board chairman Jason Balboni announced unexpectedly that Mr. Packish was also seeking the appointment. Mr. Packish is a businessman with real estate interests, and among other things is part owner of the building that houses Red Cat Kitchen on Kennebec avenue.

Both candidates addressed their fellow board members.

Ms. Barmakian said she is passionate about serving on the commission and asked her colleagues to consider that in their decision. She also noted the awkwardness of the moment.

“I feel a little uncomfortable feeling like I’m competing for the appointment with a fellow selectmen,” she said. “There is a learning curve in terms of grasping a different perspective of projects that come before the commission at the regional level,” she continued. “As well as being familiar with the [DRI] checklist, understanding the triggers and the approaches of the different members.”

Mr. Packish said he believed the commission appointee should represent the selectmen’s interests at the MVC.

“It’s not an appointment of me as an individual to serve based on my personal interests. It’s an appointment for me to represent the board on issues as we move forward,” he said.

He cited his experience as former chairman of the town planning board and also his business background as pluses.

“I believe that my experience in my professional life brings a lot to the table in the conversation,” Mr. Packish said.

Before voting, selectman Greg Coogan noted that the appointment is only for a year. “We can change it a year from now if we don’t like what happens,” he said, adding: “I certainly think Gail has done a good job representing the water quality on the Island, she has been on top of that all along. I think Brian is tuned into the DRIs and development on the Island.”

Mr. Balboni called for a vote, and the result was 4-1, with Mr. Packish and Ms. Barmakian voting for themselves, and Mr. Balboni, Mr. Coogan and freshman selectman Ryan Ruley voting for Mr. Packish.

“I think we give Brian a chance for a year and if we don’t like what he does we can kick him out,” Mr. Coogan said.

Mr. Ruley concurred. “I’m going to give Brian a shot at this,” he said. “I’d like to mix things up a bit and have a little bit different representation this year.”

In other business, the selectmen approved a request by Phil McAndrews, the owner of Offshore Ale, to close three nights a week starting in January. Liquor licenses in Oak Bluffs prohibit businesses from closing more than two nights a week unless selectmen grant permission.

Mr. Packish recused himself from the discussion and vote because of his business interests on Kennebec avenue.

Mr. McAndrews said he hopes he won’t have to close the additional night but wanted to have the option.

“I don’t know what to expect, I am optimistic with the relief package being passed,” he said, referring to the federal government stimulus bill. “But as I see it and look at what my numbers were over the past 15 years, everybody knows the way it works is you develop resources in the summertime that you put back into the business to get through the winter. We didn’t have that opportunity this year to get anywhere near the resources that a typical winter is going to need.”

Mr. McAndrews also said he was conscious of when other Oak Bluffs restaurants are closed and offered to stay open on those days. Instead, he said he would close Tuesday through Thursday.

“It’s a reasonable compromise for you and for us I think,” Mr. Coogan said. “I appreciate you wanting to stay open on Sunday and Monday because I know historically those are not the busiest days of the week.”

Selectmen also approved a request from Mr. McAndrews to temporarily number the parking spaces on Kennebec across from Offshore Ale. By numbering the spaces, Mr. McAndrews hopes to create a more efficient curbside pickup system for takeout orders.

Selectmen also:

• Gave Eversource permission to install 45 feet of cable beneath Newton Road;

• Appointed Garri Saganenko to the town affordable housing committee;

• Appointed Amy Billings as the parks commission representative to the harbor advisory committee.