Kudos to the wonderful teachers, Brooke and Abby, at the regional high school, for bringing us It’s a Wonderful Life at the drive-in. What a delight, but what hard work. Also thank you to Nancy Rogers, the accompanist, and of course to Brian Ditchfield for his technological wizardry and to all the staff from the MV Film Festival. You did it and you gave to us such a wonderful holiday gift. Instead of being bound by Covid-19, you faced the limitations that it presents and developed a medium for Islanders to enjoy during these very hard times for our nation and for our world.

Thank you again for stepping up and creating such a wonderful collaborative effort. Praise to all the students who participated for your hard work, even singing while standing in puddles. All of you brought us an evening of wonderful entertainment. Aha, it was a wonderful night.

Jamie and Marge Harris

Oak Bluffs