The following letter was addressed to the West Tisbury police and fire department.

There are no words to precisely express the joy and excitement you brought to my grandson Levi with the magnificent parade on his ninth birthday (Feb 2). We were hoping for a single fire truck or a police car, but instead you provided everyone with the spectacle of a full fleet of vehicles, more than we could have ever imagined. The emergency vehicles — including police, ambulance and a fleet of fire trucks — were led by the many town workers who were driving and leading the most perfect parade a child (and his family and friends) could imagine.

Given how the pandemic has narrowed our connections to friends, relatives and neighbors, your good deed helped to remind us of the importance of community. We wish to thank you all, especially officers Garrison Vieira and Bradley Cortez, for organizing and providing a most unforgettable and extraordinary birthday parade.

We will forever remember your kindness and generosity.

Marcy Klapper

West Tisbury