I recently emailed the selectmen, board of health, conservation commission and parks department in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, plus the county manager to alert them to the dangerous situation that exists on the public beach running between the Bend in the Road and Little Bridge.

By my count in 2019, 500 plus cars were parked each day in summer on the stretch of road extending from the Bend in the Road in Edgartown to Little Bridge in Oak Bluffs. This translates, conservatively, to over 1,000 people using the beach daily without the availability of nearby restrooms.

The situation is harmful to the environment with so many people using the dunes as bathroom facilities. Portable toilets are urgently needed.

My hope is that the Dukes County advisory board will take up this issue. I have spoken with the chairman of the Dukes County Commission and the president of the Friends of Sengekontacket aboout the need to protect the pond.

Edgartown has already taken steps at South Beach by providing portable toilets.

Why not fix the problem at State Beach? The sooner the better.

Portable toilets need to be installed before May 30, 2021

Norma Holmes