On two recent walks at South Beach, 1,224 pieces of polystyrene foam were found by one person.

This represents only a portion of the foam and other trash on the beach those two days. The polystyrene foam pieces are plastic and are not biodegradable. The foam breaks down into ever smaller pieces. When eaten by animals, they can starve to death; they feel full because their stomachs are full of plastic.

Polystyrene foam in many forms is left on the beaches or thrown in the water by beach-goers, fisherman, coffee drinkers, boaters and others. It litters our dunes, marshes and waterways.

The town of Edgartown adds to this dangerous plastic use by continuing to use open foam floating docks that break down continuously day after day into our waters. During the winter months the floats can be seen at the Edgartown Bay Road town landing. If you look underneath the wood, you will find the open foam.

Please stop using polystyrene foam. The cost to our environment is too high.

Suzanna Nickerson