We need to get teachers back to school safely, so our kids can get back to learning. It is not normal that Governor Baker has not prioritized teachers for vaccines at this juncture. We must follow other states in this lead as Massachusetts, typically ahead of the nation in almost every metric consistently throughout the history of the state, from marriage equality to universal health care to many other policies, is behind here in this crucial moment. It’s inexcusable.

Does the governor not have relatives with children who need to go to school? And teachers who must safely teach them? He must be making decisions on a hypothetical level, because if he had any personal experience here, he would know how dangerous the situation is for all the commonwealth, when it comes to learning, to mental health of parents and kids, and to a return to what President Biden is asking for — healthy decision making on the state level to return to normal.

I voted for Charlie Baker, he needs to fix this, it is so important. This situation on Martha’s Vineyard is working out, but that does not ameliorate the reality of the importance statewide. Massachusetts, and the Vineyard with it, is in a shameful space in this delay.

Dean Rosenthal