There’s a new John Deere in town and it’s nestled below the deck of Steve Larsen’s F/V Esther’s Pride. With community help, including a tow from brother John and a lift from John Keene’s excavator, she took a little shakedown cruise on a chilly but calm mid-March afternoon.

Bea Phear reached out from the League of Women Voters to share that there will be candidate forum via Zoom for candidates for Board of Health on Wednesday, March 31 at 7 p.m. Long time board member Jan Burhman finds her seat being challenged by Curtis Cetrulo. This program will be broadcast live on channel 15 and also available for streaming.

Allison Parry, parent and WMVYs person of the week, shouts out a reminder that the Chilmark School PTO online fundraiser is underway and continues through March 21. There are lots of great items to bid for, including a Saltrock Chocolates making experience, Grey Barn cheese tasting, Emme Carroll’s hand constructed screech owl box (she’s my niece!), Moses Thomson’s leaf blowing, a homemade pie by Reed Cabot, driftwood paintings by Orion Parry, a family portrait session with photographer Emily Drazen and so much more. Visit

If you were ever in Menemsha shortly after sunset on a summer evening you would likely have encountered Bill Shanok as he strolled with his pup, Beau. If you ever stopped by Squid Row for an early morning cup of coffee and conversation, you likely sat alongside this unassuming, kind and gentle grandfather. His children Tory, Sarah and Tovah, along with their families and friends, will miss his presence dearly. If you’d like to send a condolence card or note referencing a memory of Bill please reach out and I’ll give you the address.

Aaron and Lindsey Brown along with their kiddos Bennett and Juniper ventured off-Island for a much needed and well planned visit with cousins in Carver. They also made a side trip to Home Depot and were kind enough to check in with grandpa Bobby Brown to see if he needed anything before leaving those big wide aisles lined with every building supply and home improvement necessity.

Sad news has traveled from Pennsylvania. Wanda (Murphy) Irion shares that her mother, Valerie (Norton) Murphy, died at the age of 92. Wanda and daughter Adele were by her side and will be here this weekend to privately lay her to rest on Saturday March 20. My condolences to Wanda and Bert, Sherry and Carl, Brian and JoAnn, Dana and their families. She was always such a pleasure to chat with.

Little Finley Wilbur isn’t the youngest in her family anymore. I’m excited to share she’s a big sister. Becca Tiernan and Nick Wilbur welcomed baby boy, Oscar, into their family. They will soon make their home on King’s Highway after making the move all the way from down-Island.

Well wishes to my passionate and dedicated fellow Board of Health member, Jan Burhman, who underwent hip replacement surgery. Her husband Rich Osnoss now has a new shoulder so they make quite a pair at the moment. Luckily, they have attentive offspring who are doing their best to make sure Mom and Dad don’t go hungry.

Well wishes to Emmett Carroll, who took a helicopter ride to Boston last week. His team of doctors and nurses at MGH have been tending to his needs and, although he is missed, we are so grateful he is in good hands. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to inquire about his well-being. If you’d like to send a get well note or a funny little anecdote to boost his spirits please drop them by the Texaco and I’ll be sure he receives them.

On Monday morning Bill Eddy shared word with Marshall Carroll of an entangled seal pup spotted just shy of a mile down from Lucy Vincent Beach. Marshall reached out to friend Bret Stearns the director of Natural Resources-Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head and Chilmark fire chief Jeremy Bradshaw. They made their way down the beach, along with some additional volunteers, and came to the aid of the pup. It happily ventured back into the water and did its best to thank them for their assistance.

Happy birthday to two of my favorite celebrants: Marshall Carroll and Patrick Jenkinson. March 19, 1969 was the day Kathie and Emmett and Pat and Joannie welcomed the birthday twins into the world. Be sure to make some noise and give a honk if you drive by their stations.