Plans to revamp downtown Oak Bluffs which include changing the angled parking on the north end of Circuit avenue to parallel parking drew a mixed response Monday evening.

The Oak Bluffs streetscape project is nearly six years in the making, with the development of a master plan beginning in 2015. Last June, Oak Bluffs voters approved $2.7 million in funding to complete the project.

At a public forum Monday held by the Oak Bluffs streetscape subcommittee, designers Craig Miller and Timothy Wong from the Waterfield Design Group presented the most recent design plans, which call for widening sidewalks the entire stretch of Circuit avenue to make the street more pedestrian friendly. The plan also includes additional light fixtures and foliage on the street, a new sidewalk on the West side of Kennebec avenue and improvements to Healey Square.

The parking change from angled to parallel would take place on the northern end of Circuit avenue, from Giordano’s up to Healey Square. This would result in the loss of 12 parking spaces.

Plan looks to increase width of sidewalks the entire length of Circuit avenue.

Although sidewalks would also be widened on the lower half of Circuit avenue, from Healey Square to Third World Trading Company, the increase would be much less and the parking configuration would not be changed.

Brian Packish, chairman of the streetscape subcommittee, said the parking changes on the upper half of Circuit avenue would be necessary because the sidewalks are so narrow. The plan calls for widening the sidewalks on the west side of the street from four feet at present to eight feet.

“If you park a car directly in front of the Ritz and you pull your tires all the way up to the curb, it can get as narrow as 28 inches between the bumper and the building depending on the vehicle,” Mr. Packish said. “So, I think that’s probably the catalyst that directed us there.

Tim Doble, owner of Mocha Motts which is located on the upper part of Circuit avenue, said while he thinks the overall improvements in the plan are wonderful, the change from angled parking to parallel would harm his business.

“I just think it’s a horrible idea,” Mr. Doble said. “I don’t know why the north end is getting picked on for losing the angled parking which my particular business needs. I’m an in and out business, that’s the lifeblood of my business.”

The plan also calls for changing the parking configuration along Lake avenue from parallel to angled, creating an additional 12 parking spots along the Oak Bluffs Harbor.

Bill Giordano, whose family owns Giordano’s restaurant, spoke against the plan, saying that gaining parking spaces in another area does not cancel out the loss of parking on Circuit avenue.

“I would bet there would be a bunch of businesses that beg to differ that losing spots on Circuit avenue and moving them to another part of town won’t be detrimental to businesses on Circuit avenue,” Mr. Giordano said.

Erin Tiernan, co-owner of Basics and Eastaway, voiced support for the plan

“I think the plan is beautiful, I fully support it,” she said. “I would love to see the wider sidewalks the entire way but I see this as a nice compromise between keeping things the same and progress.”

Sarah Omer, the owner of Tangerine and co-owner of The Red Cat Kitchen, also voiced support for the plan. “I think the pedestrian experience helps us all rather than our comfort with parking,” Ms. Omer said.

Mr. Miller said the project is currently at the 50 to 60 per cent design stage and still needs fine-tuning. The streetscape subcommittee will meet once more before sending the plan to the board of selectmen for final approval.