At Laughing Bear, a Free Spirit Flows for Nearly Forty Years
The clothing store Laughing Bear and its owner Annie Schwenk have been constants on Circuit avenue since 1985.
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Lake Anthony Harbor

In the report of the harbor and land commissioners to the legislature details are given of the construction of a harbor at Lake Anthony.

The construction of a harbor at this place was authorized by chapter 441 of the acts of 1898, the appropriation therefore being $5,000.

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Activist Group in Oak Bluffs Works for Holiday Harmony

The Fourth of July weekend in Oak Bluffs was a big mess last year, everyone said.

There was too much traffic. An ambulance couldn’t get through a street crowded with people. There were clashes between cultures and, when people talked about the weekend later, blatant racism.

Bob Holland of Oak Bluffs stayed home, but he heard all about it. And he sees no reason why all these people shouldn’t enjoy Oak Bluffs on its biggest holiday weekend.

So this year, he will be there to help with other members of the new Martha’s Vineyard Million Man Association.

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Oak Bluffs Celebrates Juneteenth

David Corbitt of Indianapolis discovered Oak Bluffs this weekend. A second-year law student, Mr. Corbitt traveled here at the urging of a college friend.

Serena Henry came from Atlanta, and Phyllis Buford came from St. Louis, with her family. She joined friends from Kansas City, Mo.

Bobby Hall traveled here from Florida, and he had a great time.

“It doesn’t get much better than this,” said Mr. Hall, who joined about 800 people Friday night for live music, dancing and sunset at Inkwell Beach.

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Organizers of Weekend Are Pleased

Several hundred people attended special events this weekend in Oak Bluffs, reducing gridlock downtown and adding to the festive atmosphere.

And it all happened because of a chance meeting on Memorial Day at the Dragonfly art gallery in Oak Bluffs.

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Oak Bluffs Celebrates Fourth

Oak Bluffs is the place to be for the Fourth of July weekend.

That’s always been the case, according to many residents, and now they have one more reason to think so.

This weekend, the community will conduct its First Annual Juneteenth Day of Independence, a Multicultural Celebration. Events include a beach concert Friday and a dance Saturday. Both nights will feature live music, plenty of food and several vats of non-alcoholic ginger beer.

And townspeople are predicting great success.

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Museum Exhibit Uncovers Hard Truths
Titled The Chasm Is Not Closed, a new exhibit at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum uses a pair of tributes to the Confederacy to dig deeply into a disturbing chapter in the Island's not too distant past.
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Oak Bluffs Gets Worked Up About For-Profit Workouts
Yoga in the park. Boot camp by the bandstand. At a select board meeting, Oak Bluffs park commissioner Amy Billings described an overabundance of businesses in public parks.
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Edgartown Businesses Hit Hard by Pandemic, State Survey Finds
A recent survey of 28 businesses in downtown Edgartown shows the pandemic continues to have widespread and often dire impacts on Island commercial districts.
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Proposed Parking Changes on Circuit Avenue Prove Contentious
Plans to revamp downtown Oak Bluffs which include changing the angled parking on the upper part of Circuit avenue to parallel parking drew a mixed response Monday evening.
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