Yesterday my two-year-old old son, Harper, lost his favorite stuffed animal dog that we call Teddy in downtown Edgartown. Not until we got home did we realize it was gone. I ran back into town looking every where for him. We thought he was gone on an adventure forever. After I put Harper to bed I was on Instagram doing my usual daily scroll through, and lo and behold Visited Edgartown reposted from Edgartown police page a picture of Teddy on the police cruiser asking to help in the search for the owner of the stuffed animal.

It warmed our hearts that officer Emily Miller found Teddy downtown outside of Claudia, and the police department put out a search for the owner and that Visited Edgartown helped out in the search.

Harper was thrilled this morning when I showed him the picture of Teddy on the police cruiser and that we got to visit the police station.

Just wanted to share this with and thank everyone involved.

We love the Vineyard community. My family and extended family have been long time residents of the Vineyard (Edgartown and Vineyard Haven) and this was such a special occurrence. Only on the vineyard!

Kristin and Harper Hurley McGurk

Edgartown, West Palm Beach, Fla.