Friday, July 2, is the last day to check out an exhibit at the Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown featuring the poetry of Steve Ewing and the photography of LA Brown.

The gallery is located on Memorial Wharf, next to the Chappy Ferry line. The building is old and quiet and watchful, the perfect place to take in images and words that feel the same way.

Ms. Brown’s photographs are both stark and luminous. Mr. Ewing’s poems, like the docks he builds around town, stand the test of time and weather. Consider this excerpt from a poem he wrote after the death of Coo Cavallo, and then head on down to 58 Dock street because that is where you are supposed to be.

I’ll remember Coo from
downtown times
Cold winter mornings at his
Barbershop Deli
He made the best Minestrone
I’d ever had
beans and oregano
The window would be
all fogged up
scallopers could
mug up for the steam
out to the pond
Later, when you got in
before the shuckin grind
hot apple pie with a
slab of melted cheddar
went down
real good too
Abondanza he’d yell out
Abondanza I’d call back.