I want to thank the Gazette for showcasing Eric Adam’s journey from awareness to action on the issues of systemic racism in our country and more specifically on our Island. I was blown away by the Shed podcasts.

I find the idea of thinking of racism as a disease hopeful as it implies that change is possible. The stages of change is a helpful framework, too for folks like me trying to orient themselves within the movement for justice.

The discussion with Dhakir Warren and Amy Lilavois of MVRHS opened my eyes to the challenges students of color face here on the Island. Moreover, it had the effect of removing the rose-colored glasses I seemed to have been wearing, thinking of our community as one that is harmoniously diverse. Diverse, yes. Harmonious, no.

For those of us wondering how can I go from awareness to action on these issues I propose we continue this discussion in a wider community setting to explore initiatives and implement meaningful change. Eric Adam’s Shed podcast is inspiring and educational, let’s not waste the opportunity it provides us to make this Island a place of real opportunity, inclusiveness and fairness for our brothers and sisters of color.

Molly Gasnick