The MVC is considering the idea of a study of the carrying capacity of the Island. This is way past due. Some modest proposals follow.

Make the VTA free with a more frequent and regular schedule and a mix of vehicle sizes, paid for by the towns for their obvious self-interest and benefit. To get visitors to leave their highway cruiser on the other side, provide off-Island parking where they offload belongings into a pod and travel light as foot passengers. Pods get trucked over and delivered or picked up. Reverse course to go home. Incentivize on-Island rental of electric cars with modest range and speed. (Peugeot, Mini, Vauxhall, BMW, Honda, Mazda, Renault . . . there are many contenders.) To ride the bus a lot of people need to get out of their driveways and long dirt roads. Provide places for them to park and get on the bus. With the towns and agencies on board there’s an entrepreneural opening here.

Do some planning, MVC, to get all the moving parts coordinated.

Bruce Nevin