Let us start by saying we voted for you. Twice.

But we have to tell you the whole 500-person birthday party plan for this tiny, fragile Island was tone deaf and, well, inconsiderate. You can’t own a home here and not be aware of the strain an influx of 500 people for an event like that puts on the local infrastructure. Water, sewage systems, utilities, accommodations, traffic, staffing at local businesses, and inventory in stores are already severely stressed during the summer. The Vineyard is bursting at the seams to the point where the Martha’s Vineyard Commission is considering a first-of-its-kind carrying capacity study.

The airport manager noted that even your shortened guest list deluged the airport with so many private jets that access to fuel was threatened and staff was strained. What would have happened if Covid hadn’t curtailed your original plans — would Beyonce and Jet Blue have gotten into a bidding war for enough jet fuel to get home? And, as an environmentalist, couldn’t you have told the guests no private jets spewing pollution from take-off to landing? The guests that did come could have easily flown commercial to help ease these critical problems.

So have a heart. We know you’re hanging out with Spielberg and Springsteen now and that is a cool new direction for you. But the next time you want to party down with 500 of your besties, consider your Vineyard neighbors who do not fly on private jets, ride in chauffeur-driven SUVs or have caterers at their beck and call. Hold the event at one of your pal’s Hollywood mansions, mega-yachts or country estates — venues that can handle the crowd without stressing a delicate Island ecosystem or disrupting families who are just trying to enjoy a summer vacation on the Vineyard we all love.

Robyn Nietert and Malcolm Stevenson