I read with disbelief the incident at Chilmark camp. Let us summarize: unsupervised little boys played a game where someone could have gotten injured. By the report, this occurrence was brief. The problem should have been handled within the camp. Children corrected, counselors reprimanded. The end. The circus that followed should shame anyone with a lick of common sense. Possible “systemic racism” or “implicit bias”. Yet the lengthy report (with more to come!) found no racism. But that won’t stop them. You would be hard pressed to find a more left leaning community than Chilmark on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard where these children summer.

Yet facts and common sense won’t stop them. Absolute absurdity. My favorite is the old gals who immediately dusted off their burn the bra signs to picket the closure of the Community Center.

What a collection of cowards.

Heaven help us.

Where is Tom Wolfe when you need him?

Kathryn Gidwitz