Once again, my column from last week is in cyberspace and I could not get it back. Every time I think I have the computer figured out, something else challenges me.

It has been very cold but when Saturday hit 35 degrees, so many people came out that it was like spring. There were people at the Boys & Girls Club: a lot of walkers and joggers were out taking advantage of the nice weather. It was just nice to see blue sky.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Enzo Duart who celebrated on Jan. 15; Ester da Silva and Danika Peters on Jan. 16; Emily Barbosa and Alexander Wallace on Jan. 17; Pedro Oliveira and Gabriela Otoni on Jan. 19; Kayo DeOliviera on Jan. 20; Tabitha Brown and Henry Scott on Jan. 21; Nathan Carletti, Rita Hurley, Blue Ni and Addison Shemit on Jan. 22; Autumn Donnelly on Jan. 23; Alessandro Luiz on Jan. 24; Larrisa Diniz on Jan. 25; and Deivid Barbosa on Jan. 26.

I was going through pictures last week and found some old pictures of Ralph and his parents in front of our house. Behind them was about three feet of snow. I laughed to myself, thinking that when we get just an inch we get upset. But this picture was probably in the ‘50s and I think it was a regular thing. I remember that when I was little, getting a sled was a big thing because there was always snow. Now it is skateboards or scooters.

Ralph’s dad built this house in 1948. It is built out of wood from other houses. I know the windows were from another house: when I had them replaced a few years ago, the carpenter saved the sill that was signed by F. Norton, who was Allen Norton’s father. Ed Tyra was the building partner of Ralph’s dad and I remember Mr. Tyra staking out the dump when builders would come in and leave wood from their projects. He always went home with some treasures.

Another picture was taken in spring. I noticed this was the only house on this side of the street. Auntie A’s house was not yet built and the school was nowhere in the picture. If you looked toward the back, you could see the town clock. Oh, how things have changed. I thought of his parents and what they would think of the neighborhood now. Across the street another very large house with a pool in the back is going up. The school is now across the street, which I don’t mind at all.

Time goes on and so does progress. We just have to accept it.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.