I speak here as the parent of a son with Down Syndrome who has been invited to camp, consecutively, for 43 years. My late wife, Joyce, was one of the longest serving board members and as a family we have been devoted supporters of camp for over four decades.

Confidentiality is important, but people, please read between the lines. The leaders of July camp were fired for cause and a large number of counselors were not invited to return. It’s clear — they must have broken the rules (whatever they were). This was a purge, nothing less, and without doubt it was not taken lightly. Perhaps it could have been handled better, but there is no easy way to deal with a serious breach, which, apparently, happened here. Without knowing the specifics, I know Liza and several trustees well enough to have a sense of what happened here. I challenge any one of the former July camp leaders, or counselors to come clean and admit that they knowingly broke some important rules and were not invited to return. There can be no other reason.

Caitlin Lamb, granddaughter of our beloved founder Hellcat is stepping up and continuing the long tradition of the Lamb family’s commitment to the camp. I seriously doubt if she would be doing this if something nefarious was going on. So again, July counselors and leaders, you are not innocent. Step up and own responsibility for the rules you broke. You know what you did and you should have the courage and decency to admit it. I speak directly to you in this regard, own up and do the right thing.

Jabberwocky is too important to this Island’s culture to be ripped apart once again by strife. Many years ago, there was a management split over the issue of rule breaking. Fortunately the camp grew and thrived, in no measure thanks to the vision and dedicated leadership of Liza Gallagher. I’m happy to give her, and the board she reports to, the benefit of any doubt.

Alan Brigish

West Tisbury