I started working when I was 14 years old. Everett Poole hired a lot of young people, including me. Everett had an impact on my life. I worked with Matt Poole. We built the fish market; we also built the chandlery together. I would go and sit with Everett; he would tell me that he received letters from former employees. One that stood out was from Dr. Freddie Myers, who wrote in the Gazette about Everett being Popeye. I used to sit in Donald’s shanty and he would tell me stories about the hurricane that hit. His wife Dorothy was the school teacher in the Chilmark School. Stanley Poole worked for the oceanographic in Woods Hole. I used to sit and talk to him and his wife.

So you might say that the Poole family was a good influence on my life.

Gregory Kurth

Formerly of Chilmark